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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Often times, I have heard people ask the question “can dogs eat apples?” The truth need be told from onset – dogs can eat apples.

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Apples are great food for days. Don’t forget the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. This is very true for dogs too, ‘an apple a day keeps the vet away’.

This food (apple) is affordable, healthy and great for dogs. They contain good nutritional values which include vitamin A, Vitamin C as well as fibers. Apples also help a dog with fresh breathe as well as giving them shining white teeth – just know that you can feed apples to dogs.

Benefits of apples for dogs

Apple are very beneficial to dogs as they have a moderate protein, they are antioxidants and high in fiber. Just ensure you remove the core and seeds when serving them.

This fruit could be so beneficial to some dogs especially those that are prone to some illness as well as older dogs. If a vet advises that you reduce your dog’s intake of meaty foods, then apple is a good option for your dogs.

Can dog eat apple

The fiber in apple will help improve the dog’s gastrointestinal health, while the antioxidant and Vitamin C components of an apple helps dog improve degenerative conditions. Overall, apples are very beneficial for dogs. Always serve them one – this should also answer your ‘can dogs eat apples?”

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Side effects of apples for dogs

Like any other food, apples should be served to dogs with moderation. They should be used to supplement portions of their food.

Apple seeds contain cyanide, and if dogs take much of it, it could be harmful to them, so, it is important you remove every seeds from an apple before serving them. Generally, remove the apple core and slice up the fruit before serving.

Take your time to study your dog, introduce apple to them in smaller quantities as different dogs can react to foods in different ways. So, it is important you slowly serve apples to your dog before finally serving them as full meal.

For dogs that have cancer or diabetes, you should be careful with serving them apple, as apples contain sugar. So it is important to speak to a veterinarian about serving apples to dogs with cancer or diabetes before doing so.

How to serve apples to dogs

  1. Cut up the apple into slices
  2. Remove apple seeds and cores 
  3. Serve in smaller slices 
  4. You can spice it up with honey (not necessary)


This concludes our article on ‘can dogs eat apples?’ It is important you know that apples are very beneficial to dogs and they can have some little side effects; just take your time to study them. You should not forget to remove apple cores and apple seeds before serving them. Apples are safe for dogs.

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