Fennec Fox as a Pet

Fennec foxes are known as the smallest type of fox in the world and they weigh between 2.2 pounds and 3.5 pounds. This article is all about how you can keep fennec fox as a pet.

These awesome animals are nocturnal who naturally live in the deserts; and they are mostly found in the Sahara, Sinai, Kuwait, Arava and Arabian deserts.

Fennec Fox as a Pet

Their appearances look distinctive from other foxes as they have large ears which aid their hearing as well as cool them off in the hot deserts. They are usually creamy color with a black tip at the end of their tails.

Fennec Fox as a Pet

Fennec fixes are wild animals and cannot be totally domesticated; that does not mean they cannot be kept as pets. Fennec foxes can be kept as pets; in fact, they can be tames and bred as a loving house pet.

What is usually being done is that the baby pets are taken from the mother and raised by human. Just like dogs and cats, they can be kept in a domestic setting.

Fennec foxes are very good pet to own, it is important you raise them from kit. As we have said before, they cannot be totally domesticated, hence, raising a fennec fox might pose a little challenge.

If provided an opportunity, a fennec fox might want to escape, it is therefore necessary to guide against this by keeping them closely and not giving them any chance of escaping.

Fennec Fox as a Pet

Is it legal to keep fennec fox as a pet?

It all depends on your location. In the United States for example, the legality of keeping a fennec fox depends on the law of your state, just as with coyote, arctic fox and jackal. In the United Kingdom on the other hand, you can legally keep a fennec fox.


Fennec fox can be kept as a pet and they are fun animals to be with. Just ensure you get them when they are kit and raise them yourself.  They might try to escape, hence, it is important you don’t give them any chance of running away – monitor them closely and keep them indoors except when you want to take a walk with them. 


Image by DominikRh from Pixabay


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