Fennec Fox Lifespan

The fennec fox known scientifically as Vulpez Zerda is known as the smallest fox in the world. They are majorly found in the Sahara Desert, Arabian Desert, Sinai Peninsula, Kuwait and the Arava Desert. This particular article takes a look at the fennec fox lifespan.

Fennec Fox Lifespan

The animal is not that popular, as people know little or nothing about them. They are tiny in size, but have distinctive large ears.

The fennec fox lives in desert environment, now wonder they are found mostly in the deserts of Sahara, Sinai, Arabia among others. They have their unique ways of surviving in their natural habitat.

Fennec Fox Lifespan

The lifespan of fennec foxes can be compared with that of cats or dogs. In the wild (deserts), fennec fox can live between 8 – 11 years, while they can also live up to an average of 14 years when they are taken as pets.

How do Fennec Foxes Survive?

Furry Feet

Their furry feet help with insulations, so their feet don’t burn when they are walking on hot desert sands. Aside from the fur on their feet protecting them against burns, the fur on their feet also help them have a good grip of ground when they are running, jumping and gliding.

Thick and Coarse Fur

The thick fur helps protect them from desert cold nights as they have thick furs that help combat cold. Their coarse fur also gives warmth via heat reflections.

Fennec Fox Lifespan


A fennec fox kidney is not like that of human or some animals, their kidney helps them store water; hence they are not thirsty and they can go for as long as possible without water.


This conclude our article on fennec fox lifespan, as these lovely animals can live up to 8 and 11 years when they are in their natural habitat; and they can live up to an average of 14 years when they are reared as pets.

 Image Credit:  Image by Stevie Lee from Pixabay


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